NFL Week 8 Spreads and Predictions

Welcome to week 8 of the NFL. I’m Corey, co-host of the Parlay Buddy Show and the Pick’em Wars Podcast. Here’s my personal take on the 2022 NFL Season’s Week 8 spreads:

-1.5 Ravens vs Buccaneers

Tom Brady has been looking for his “get back” game for several weeks now. To be frank, the chances of that happening this week are not great. Utilizing his weapons seems to have Brady stumbling, and in this case, the only real advantage he may have is the fact that this is a home game. Meanwhile, even with Lamar Jackson seeming to waver on production, the Ravens defense has been getting consistently better. The Ravens should take this one by a small margin. My Pick: Ravens -1.5

Panthers vs Falcons -5

Last week, the Falcons faced a Bengals team with something to prove, in a devastating way, as Joe Burrow and company absolutely shined. Atlanta was left scoreless in three quarters, scoring 17 points alone in the second. Do not expect this game to be anything like last week. Also last week, the Panthers absolutely stunned the Buccaneers while allowing a single field goal. Do not expect this game to go anything like last week. Both teams have a decent run game at the moment with an edge to Atlanta. This game should be close, with the Falcons winning, but not by more than 3 or 4. My Pick: Panthers +5

Bears vs Cowboys -9.5

The Bears took down the Patriots with Mac Jones being back last week, but I’m not going to pretend the Pats have been any good this season. Meanwhile, the Cowboys have bested the Bengals, Giants, Rams, Commanders, Lions, and were actually competitive in week 6 against a booming Eagles team. The Bears simply don’t have the coaching or player talent to survive this one. My Pick: Cowboys -9.5

-3 Dolphin vs Lions

I absolutely love my Lions, but as everyone likes to joke, it is very hard to be a dedicated fan. Miami is starting to come out of their injury funk while Detroit seems to still be in whatever funk of the week they may be facing. Unless the Lions go through some kind of magical transformation, like maybe finding an old genie in a lamp, Tua and the Dolphins should tear through the ailing Lions defense. My Pick: Dolphins -3

Cardinals vs Vikings -3.5

With the return of Deandre Hopkins, it seems as though Kyler Murray has some new energy, coupled with a seemingly improved defensive showing and we’ve got a real game on our hands. While they have a winning record, Kirk Cousins has a tendency to make some costly mistakes. I can see the Cards winning this one outright, but even if they don’t they’ll be breathing down the Vikings neck the entire game. My Pick: Cardinals +3.5

-2 Raiders vs Saints 

Alvin Kamara and Chris Olave are back, Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton will be under center, but the real question is, will it be enough to drag the Saints out of the swamp? If the NO secondary is the measurement, no, they won’t be able to keep Josh Jacobs at bay. Still, this will be a shootout and a very close game. My Pick: Raiders -2

-1.5 Patriot vs Jets

This has the potential to be a mirror match, with both teams using the same strategies to improve their outlook. Unfortunately, one factor skews this game in the Patriots favor, a season ending injury to rookie Breece hall. The Jets just don’t have enough time to properly adjust to Hall’s loss and will most likely eat a loss at this home game. My Pick: Patriots -1.5

Steelers vs Eagles -10.5

Let’s see, what do the Steelers have going for them? Kenny Pickett, yeah, that’s about it, oh, maybe a slight spark in the defense. What do the Eagles have? Literally everything. Still undefeated, the Eagles will pick apart this Pittsburgh team and emerge with a 7-0 record on the season. Have you ever seen those videos where an eagle swoops in out of nowhere and carries off an unsuspecting animal? Yeah, it’s going to be like that, but at the end, the eagle is just going to drop that animal from a few hundred meters in the air. My Pick: Eagles -10.5

-1.5 Titans vs Texans

I’ll be the first to admit I read last week’s Titans/Colts game all wrong and I ignored a legitimate win streak by Tennessee. I also let the specter of last year’s Jonathan Taylor take the wheel. While the Titans may not have Ryan Tannehill due to an ankle injury, they still have a rock-solid run game, and Derek Henry. Even without Tannehill, the Titans should have no problem winning by more than 2 points against a 1-4-1 Texans. My Pick: Titans -1.5

Commanders vs Colts -3

The Colts tend to be my Achilles’ heel this season. I have this idealistic attitude left over from last year that I just can’t shake. However, I cannot in good conscience say that the Commanders have a good chance in this game to even keep it close. With the Colts putting 2nd year QB Sam Ehlinger under center this week, we should see Taylor and company running at least similarly to their play style of last season. My Pick: Colts -3

-1.5 49ers vs Rams

To be fair, after some defensive setbacks, the 49ers were pretty much stomped by the Chiefs. Those same holes in the defense shouldn’t have the same effect against a rested Rams team, lead by the MVP of turnovers, Matt Stafford. I personally would expect a pretty reasonable facsimile of their first meeting this season. My Pick 49ers -1.5

Giants vs Seahawks -3

This is one of those games where you just hate to have to make a pick, but hey, I made my bed. The question for Seattle is this, can Geno Smith and Kenneth Walker put together enough of an attack to keep up with Saquon Barkley? If the Giants hard fought win against the Jaguars last week is an indicator, I think it leans toward a yes. Normally, I wouldn’t have to think very hard on this one, as the Giants rarely fail to impress this season, but I just have to question their ability to run away with this one. I believe Smith and Walker will do everything in their power to become a 5-3 team and win this by about two field goals or a TD. My Pick: Seahawks -3

Packer vs Bills -10

If Aaron Rodgers could develop the run game and stop relying on a beleaguered pass game, he might have a chance to get this one closer than 10, but that’s not going to happen overnight. The Bills are the Bills, and Green Bay just lost to the Commanders. The Lions even beat the Commanders. I wish there was something nice to say, but the football gods have spoken. Josh Allen will bring a reckoning. My Pick: Bills -10

-3 Bengals vs Browns

The Cincinnati Bengals have been a mixed bag. Beating every team that currently has a losing record EXCEPT for the Steelers. Ignoring that rocky first game of the season, if you saw them against the Falcons last week, you’d know that the Browns shouldn’t have a chance this week. Mixon, Higgins, and Boyd are finding their pace, while Burrow and Chase are absolutely dominant together. The Browns defense doesn’t have what it takes to keep the deficit less than a TD, let alone a FG. My Pick: Bengals -3

That’s it for my personal picks on the spread for the NFL’s Week 7 games! For more in depth opinions and analysis, make sure to check out the Pick’em Wars Podcast each week. Also check out the Parlay Buddy show on YouTube for free NFL picks. Both shows released every Friday!

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